Our Services

Country & Institution Selection

In order to best serve you, it's necessary to spend some time getting to know your interests and preferences. Wings will develop a profile of your academic, social and professional expectations. Your academic history will be discussed in detail and as well as any extracurricular activities, athletics, talents, or community service.

Application Process

We assist you with the filling of online/ Paper based application forms, guidance in preparation of other documents like Recommendation Letters, Statement of Purpose. This task is the most difficult for students, yet most important, and goes largely ignored. Wings will guide you through the process.

Visa Services

Wings guides the students on the minute complexities involved in the process of visa application. We counsel the students thoroughly and ensure that they fulfill the various requirements of the High Commissions.

Accomodation Arrangement

We help our students in arranging accommodation in any Country like New Zealand, Australia, Canada etc well in advance taking into consideration various factors like the student's budget, location requirements and other personal requirements. This relieves the students from undue stress and guarantees a homely nest to retire after long hours of travel. We minutely look into the individual requirements of the students and guide them accordingly.

Follow Up Team

Wings has a strong follow-up team which stays in touch with the students even after their arrival abroad. The team continues communicating with the students till they are settled and even later to help them with any problems that they may face. Besides, the follow up team has a research section which keeps into record the experiences of various students which helps in assessing all criteria's and extend support to our existing and prospective clients. The database is maintained with deep analysis of each case for further perusal.

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